Half a century,
full appreciation.

In 1972, we started our industrial production story as a small workshop of 50 m². In 49 years, we not only gained experience but also increased capability of our plants and invested in the realization of the concept that we call industrial flexibility.

Enjoy the power of
in a 20.000 m² facility.

Today, in our production facility over 20.000 m², located in the Central Anatolian part of Turkey, in the Organized Industrial Zone of Kayseri, we create both highly industrialized and highly personalized solutions for our clients.

25,000+ outdoor
advertisement units


25,000+ units of
urban furniture


At Element4, we are specialized in design, development, manufacturing and placement of outdoor advertisement units, wayfinding signs and urban furniture.

In each project, we make a specific synthesis of our 4 core elements which are design, function, technology and quality. With these elements and their project-specific mix, we add our signature and make a difference in our business.

10,000+ units of
bus shelters




Based on the brief that we receive, we use this element to reach excellence in industrial product design. For us, excellence in design means being aesthetic, flawless and meeting
all design requirements of our clients.


We attach great importance to the fact that our solutions are not only good looking but also perfectly functioning. Hence, we pay attention to the balance between design and function and ensure that all of our units show high performance under different operating conditions.


Both an element by itself and also the result of the other elements. Our design expertise, focus on function and usage of technology ensures best quality, reliability and sustainability in our products.


While designing our products, organizing our workflow and working in our manufacturing facility, we want to create the best results. To achieve this, we invest in the latest technology and ensure to have the highest standards in our industry.